ACES Awards 2011



The food at Buttercross Tea Rooms is excellent!  But the award goes for the food  and especially for the service.  The service could not be better.  Every customer is treated with respect and courtesy by staff who want you to enjoy yourself. The Buttercross motto must be that if you enjoy your time here you will want to come back - and you do!

Highly Commended : Reubens, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

THE GREEN ROOM, Newcastle-under-Lyme - BEST LUNCH

A friendly welcome greets everyone who walks into The Green Room, where all the staff want you to enjoy your time here - so that you will want to return!  A pleasing menu offers you the chance to eat and drink in pleasant surroundings. The Green Room wins the ACES award for 'Lunch of the Year' for the fourth consecutive year!

Highly Commended : The Grove, Stafford.


Reubens has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a coffee house for years (winning ACES awards for quality).  In 2011 Reubens opened a burger restaurant on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings - and it won instant praise from local gourmets.  Reubens is not a fast food restaurant.  Its burgers are individually made on the premises and cooked to each diner's specifications.  And all that hard work has resulted in the ACES award for Best Dinner of 2011!

Highly Commended : The Churnet Valley Dining Experience, Cheddleton.




Titanic pubs are noted for their pleasant, welcoming atmosphere; for their cleanliness and good order; and for the quality of their real ales.  And none more so than The White Star. If you're looking for a pub in which friends meet, relax, enjoy a good drink - then The White Star is the pub for you!  A local pub owned by a local brewery and selling local ales, always with the emphasis on quality!


The Holy Inadequate opened in 2011 and was an immediate success.  The pub was formerly the New Rendezvous - and before that the Shelton Bar.  But after a successful refurbishment it is now the Holy Inadequate.  From the start it has concentrated on its range of real ales, and this has proved to be very popular with local drinkers.  It has been described by regulars and casual drinkers as 'homely' and 'welcoming'.  And already it has won the ACES Silver Pub of the Year award!


The Brunswick is famous not only in Derby, not only with ACES members in North Staffordshire, but throughout the country.  It has a regular entry in the Good Beer Guide.  It has its own brewery on the premises.  And The Brunswick is now the first pub to win an ACES award that is not in North Staffordshire -  it has proved so popular with visitors to Derby that here it is!  If you're looking for very well-kept       real ale - and a very good selection to choose from - then The Brunswick is the pub for you!



Lymestone 'Stone the Crows' - GOLD

Lymestone only started brewing in 2008 but it has established a national reputation in that short time.  Its beers have been found in Wetherspoon pubs - much to the enjoyment of real ale drinkers wherever they are to be found (the Lymestone beers that is!).  And for ACES members 'Stone the Crows' is their favourite Lymestone beer.  'Stone the Crows' won ACES awards in 2009 and 2010 and now again in 2011!  'Stone the Crows' has a taste which stays with you, the enjoyment and appreciation lingers.

Lymestone 'Ein Stein'- SILVER

For a brewery to win Gold and Silver awards in the same year is unprecedented - yet here it is!  Lymestone's 'Ein Stein' is a successful attempt by a local brewery to produce a continental-style blonde ale with a clean refreshing taste.  And 'refreshing' is the right word for this most satisfying of ales.  An ideal drink for a hot summer day (or any other day!).

Blue Monkey '99 Red Baboons' - BRONZE

Blue Monkey is a Nottingham brewery that started brewing in 2008 and now produces half a dozen real ales.  But the one that has found most favour with ACES members is 99 Red Baboons.  It is a bitter beer, malty rather than hoppy, red in colour and with a most satisfying taste.  Not often found in North Staffordshire, ACES members have drunk '99 Red Baboons' at beer festivals and on visits to Nottinghamshire.  And they have drunk enough of it to know that they like it!



BAKERS X1 Service

In 2011 Bakers celebrated 75 years of public transport by introducing new diesel-electric buses on its popular X1 service.  These buses represent a considerable financial investment by Bakers.  But they also represent an investment in a greener future.  The new greener double-decker coaches operate on a daytime hourly service from Hanley to Stafford hospital and have found favour with passengers who welcome the quieter, smoother, and more ecologically-friendly service.

Highly Commended : FIRST: for the Banksmen at Newcastle Bus Station.  WARDLES: matchday service from Newcastle to the Britannia Stadium.



Anthony Adey is a young man who exhibits all those qualities most prized by ACES members - by all bus passengers: he is courteous, pleasant, friendly, always ready to help his passengers- and he's a good driver too!  Passengers tell of his many kind acts and are grateful for his cheerful attitude.  He is a credit to Bakers.

Highly Commended : Stephen Loughead (WARDLES) John Wilson (COPELANDS).